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Hello World!

Welcome to the CloudObjects Blog!

At CloudObjects we believe that Marc Andreesen was right when he proclaimed that “software is eating the world”; and we believe that APIs and cloud services can empower more people, and especially a more diverse set of people (“the long tail”), to write better and more competitive software.

Integrating and aggregating APIs and deploying code without managing servers is the way for building software today and our mission is to simplify and improve the lives of web and app developers by providing them with great tools and helping them discover and leverage cloud services, APIs and other “objects” from different vendors.

How exactly are we gonna fulfill this mission? No spoilers here yet, but you’ll find out soon as we incrementally release our products and share our journey on this blog. So you should definitely stay tuned by subscribing via RSS or email or by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Apart from news and insights about our own products we’ll also share inspiring and newsworthy stories from the larger API and cloud computing ecosystem as well as helpful advice for software developers via this blog and social media so there’s even more reason to always keep an eye on all our channels :)

I’m personally really excited to have you on board!

by Lukas Rosenstock

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